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One two three squish in soft dough. Imprints ready to make a casting.

Thanks to for the image of Belle casting her furbabys Portho's and Lucy xx

Hi I'm Belle the proud owner of Furbaby Casting. 

I'm based in Toddington Bedfordshire and I live with my two Staffy x rescues Ned and Rooby! 

Oh and husband Archie, and daughter Clementine. 

I've been casting superstar pet paws for almost six years now and love it !!!

Casting your furbaby is easier than you think- even if you have a pet that isn't keen on having their paws touched. Just a soft press in soft dough And I love giving special treats while we take imprints. Then I take the imprints away and perform our magic. 

Furbaby Casting is also casts cats, rabbits, horses, rats, ferrets, boars, sheep, goats, tortoises in fact all pets! 

Hay Furbaby Friends did you know Rooby and Ned are lifesavers? Every few months they donate blood to help other pups through operations.

Its quick fun, they get loads of cuddles and free food!!!

Click on the link for more info on how your pup or kitty could be a life saver too. xxx

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