Pumpkin Casting, even the tiniest paws need to be cherished and celebrated. Framed £70, Unframed £50, Memorial £90 ❤️

Jessie Casting, A portrait photo version of the Bruno casting, perfect for all size paws. Framed £110 Memorial £130 ❤️

Diesel Casting

A celebration of your Furbabys life. First commissioned by little Diesels Mum this casting has become one of mine, and my Furbabys parents favourite castings. £250 ❤️

1, 2, 3, Boop Casting ❤️ Super cute nose casting available via the kit or appointment. Made with ethical birch wood and a jute string. Full Muzzle castings are also available. £45 or Memorial £75 ❤️

Betty Casting

Oh how I love making these, two small paws or one large paw, in your heart. Framed £105. Memorial Casting £125. ❤️

Bruno Casting

Perfect for a puppy like Bruno, or a beautiful Memorial Casting to remind you of happy times. Framed £110 Memorial £130 ❤️

Furbaby Family Forever Casting

A beautiful way to display all your baby’s paws. Prices start at £160 ❤️

Mr Murphy

A button nose and paws to remember all those kisses. ❤️❤️❤️ Framed £120 Memorial £140

Dexy Casting

Oh how I love making these, two small paws or one large paw, in your heart. With jute cord £55. Memorial Casting £80.❤️

Coco Casting

Our new beautiful Two Paw Casting with adjustable length Jute Cord and dog tag £55. Memorial Casting £75. ❤️

Delphi Casting

The perfect way to display either all four paws of your furbaby or a furbaby family casting. ❤️ Prices start at £170 or £190 memorial.

One Pawfect Hanging Paw Casting £35. Memorial Casting £55 ❤️

Rooby Casting

Rose Gold Casting in White Grain Frame and Personalised Tag £90. Memorial Casting £115. ❤️

Charlee Casting

The Charlee Casting in Black Matt Frame with Warm Pewter Hand and paw with Personalised Tag Unframed £60 Framed £100 Memorial £140

Daisy Casting

White Grain Frame with Silver Paws Mounted with Two Personalised Dog Tags from £100

Annie Casting

Furbaby Bronze Colour Casting in Gift box with Personalised Tag £45. Memorial Casting £65. ❤️

Bestie Casting

Free standing Solid Oak Frame Bestie Casting Paw and Child Hand in Gold with Personalised Tag from £80

Stanny Casting

Free standing Small Matt Black Frame Casting in Grey Pewter £70. Memorial Casting £90

Ned Casting

Free Standing Oak Frame Mounted in Bronze with Personalised Name Tag £70. From £90 for Memorial Casting

Beth Casting

Small Single Paw casting £35 perfect to purchase with the Imprint kit. Memorial Casting £55. ❤️

Tefo Casting

Extra Large Paw-print in Solid Oak Frame with Bronze Paws and Personalised tag £120. Memorial Casting £140. ❤️

Banksy Casting

Solid Oak Frame with Gold Paws Mounted with Personalised Dog Tag £90. Memorial Casting £115. ❤️

Wish Casting

Furbaby Pewter Horse Casting in Gift box from £55

Furbaby Casting Imprint kit


Furbaby Casting Gift Voucher
Postage if required is £6 for Gift Box or £10 for Framed Castings. 
 Furbaby Casting is happy to travel your home or stable within a
15 mile radius of Toddington Bedfordshire
            (For other locations, an additional charge of 45p per mile
  will be added)